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Guestbook for Monty Knowles
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It was a distinct pleasure to have hosted Monty.
It would be an absolute pleasure to have you back.
It was an amazing and a spectacular experience of visiting your site. Awesome talent dude.
Abigail Rolle(non-registered)
I was privileged to be chosen and absolutely delighted to have had the experience of being painted and photographed yesterday! It was a wonderful experience, and I felt relaxed, comfortable and safe! THANK YOU made my experience memorable to say the least. Your artistic ability and amazing eye has no’re today’s Da Vinci, and I count myself fortunate to have been a living canvas.
Nancy White(non-registered)
Thanks Monty, the painting photo is amazing, to make our body to show the picture, this is really attractive, the softness and smoothness of body keeps your photo unique and shock me!
jennifer howell(non-registered)
Monty, you made my dream come true. My daughter and I were able to share memories of a lifetime, truly amazing moments thanks to your generosity, your spontaneous creativity, your beautiful artistry, and breathtaking photography that can capture everything wonderful there is about life. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for taking my years of saying 'I'm going to be painted one day' and making it a reality. You are truly a special person and the most talented person I have known I have ever known. Kira had an accident when she was an infant, I didn't know if I'd ever see this day, but you gave us the trip and bonding experience of a lifetime.