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Guestbook for Monty Knowles
jennifer howell(non-registered)
Monty, you made my dream come true. My daughter and I were able to share memories of a lifetime, truly amazing moments thanks to your generosity, your spontaneous creativity, your beautiful artistry, and breathtaking photography that can capture everything wonderful there is about life. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, for taking my years of saying 'I'm going to be painted one day' and making it a reality. You are truly a special person and the most talented person I have known I have ever known. Kira had an accident when she was an infant, I didn't know if I'd ever see this day, but you gave us the trip and bonding experience of a lifetime.
Liem Hoang(non-registered)
one word : "COOL"
amazing and creative design, look greate! ^^
Fiona Deplanche(non-registered)
Toutes vos photos sont impressionnantes.
peggy stroud(non-registered)
A day with Monty Knowles-By Peggy Stroud-(Now) Librarian/Nymphe
Brief Bio from Monty’s Professional Facebook page-
Fusing painted art, human sculpture, and photography, these photographs explore the wonders of the human form without Photoshop, stencils or airbrushing.
Studied photography at Barry University, Miami Shores, Florida
Studied Architecture at University of Miami (BArch 1990)
Principal Architect at Monarch Architects (1997 to present)
Photographer and photo artist (1973 to present)

It has been said that you have not really LIVED until you push yourself beyond your point of comfort.
I can say now, after this weekend spent with Monty…I HAVE INDEED LIVED!!! If, IF my life were to end today, I am certain now that I would go out with such a smile on my face because of this last weekend.
I was so very honoured to be painted and photographed by Monty. We met via Facebook, mutual friends.
By mutual consent we met at my home. He brought someone with him, a female. As it turns it was a former student, who had been working with and for Monty during the last year. This immediately put me at ease, as there were questions I could ask her but would rather not have asked him!
The day Monty came to my house to actually paint me was THE most surreal experience of my entire life-bar none! I turned sixty this year-I have lived!
I was so relaxed I fell asleep several times during the six hour long painting session. Each time I got up to view myself I was astounded by the transformation. Each time! He had asked if I could have two friends of my choice come over to help-and they were invaluable. Moral support, fed my cats, and most important were of great assistance to Monty when we walked across the street to do the shoot.
The shoot itself was perhaps the most emotionally charged part of the entire day. Here I was walking naked across Bay Street-yet feeling clothed because of the hours and layers of paint that were on me. Once we were under the chosen dock at low tide, sunset…all carefully planned-I became a Nymphe! I was no longer Peggy Stroud, Librarian, I was Peggy Stroud, Librarian/Nymphe.
I felt as though I were emerging from the ocean transformed onto the most exquisite site I had ever been a part of. I could feel the water temperature, smell the ocean, feel the ocean floor, see the exquisite sun setting clouds form and change the colours of our stunning Bahamian waters! I was at one with the surroundings-I was a part of it all.
This experience has changed my life forever-forever. That day, I became empowered, fearless and feel as though I will hold that honour within me for my eternity and beyond.

Peggy Stroud