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 Contact: Monty Knowles, Phone: (+1) 242 424 5492 (Bahamas)

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Ignite your Raw Beauty with life changing retreats in some of the world's most spectacular locations.


Join photographer and coach, Monty Knowles for an eye opening exploration of how powerful, simple adjustments to your thoughts and posture, drastically alter how

others perceive you…and how you perceive yourself.
















  • Learn to harness, develop and expose the power of positive thinking. Then SEE the effects of this thinking captured in high resolution photographs without photoshop or makeup

  • Experience how simple posture adjustments and natural movements dramatically change your appearance

  • Dramatically improve your self-awareness and self confidence

  • Carry home over 100 digital photographs featuring you in location in stunning destination


Destinations and Dates:


         May 19 to 23

    Nassau, Bahamas

         April 11 to 15, November 14 to 18,   

        June 23 to 27
        September 18 to 26




     Lofoten, Norway

         June 9 to 13  




     Sydney, Australia

        February 6 to 10,  








Treasure Cay, Bahamas


     Triple Occupancy                    $850

     Double occupancy                  $980

     Single occupancy                   $1,290



   Nassau, Bahamas


      Triple occupancy                 $1,170

      Double occupancy               $1,430

      Single occupancy                $2,210



   Lofoten, Norway


      Shared Cabin (4 to 8 people)    $720

      Double occupancy (cabin)         $1,100

      Single occupancy  (cabin)         $1,290



   Paris, France


      Double occupancy                   $1,640

      Single occupancy                     $1,940



  Sydney, Australia


      Double occupancy                   $1,290

      Single Occupancy                    $1,550










Not included:

  • Airfare
  • Ground Transportation
  • Printed photographs
  • Tours and excursions
  • Food and drinks


Payment Terms:


Non-refundable deposit to secure a spot: $250


Payment in full: 90 days before the tour commencement date


15% discounts are available for groups of 6 or more participants signing up for the same retreat. Not to be combined with other discounts or offers.



Custom Retreats are available for groups of 3 to 7.



Anticipated Daily Schedules:


Day One:

Get oriented with the wonder of our destination, meet the other participants, and settle in. Expect to meet wonderful friends in these locations who will happily tell you how to see and enjoy our locations like a native.


Day Two:

Understand the basics with a 60 minute, interactive Raw-Beauty Group Workshop in the morning, followed by group photographs, posture awareness, and fun discoveries about beauty. Whether we are on the beaches of the Bahamas, Mountains of Norway, or bridges of Paris...we will integrate spectacular locations into our Photographs.



Days Three and Four:

Mornings: Book your Free private Raw Beauty Photography Session, or enjoy a few hours of personal time. Relax on the beach in the Bahamas, Climb a gorgeous mountain trail in Lofoten, Explore the incredible streets of Paris...


Afternoons: This is where we get out on excursions. Tours, walks, picnics, etc. Simple activities allowing us to soak in the beauty of our destination while we expand our Raw Beauty, generate beautiful location-inclusive photographs, and correct our posture. 


Day Five:

Depart, or extend your stay with discounted hotel rates. Or consider staying on for one of my body-painting retreats (if available).




Full refunds (less the deposit) will be given if the retreat is cancelled 90 days or more before the Retreat commencement date. No refunds can be given within 90 days of the Retreat commencement date. 


Please purchase travel insurance to recover your payments in the event of a medical or similar emergency. This company received good reviews: Travelex 




Testimonials for Monty Knowles (click here to see more)


"If we were to play the word association game and you said to me "Monty," I would reply, "Magic."

Hayley Merchant - USA


"I was able to learn what it meant to be and feel like a beautiful, established, confident woman"

Adeline Forbes - USA


"I strongly recommend that every woman have an experience like this at least once in her life" 

Angela Christine - USA


"I stand taller, feel more confident....and most importantly I don't care what anyone else thinks because I know I'm beautiful"

Madison Moore _ Canada - 13 years old


"I truly believe that any teenage girl, with all the pressures of today's society to look and act a certain way could definitely benefit from a photo shoot such as this one with Monty"

Madison's Mother, Karen Brochu  - Canada