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Retreats in the Bahamas will be paid through Majestic Tours


 Contact: Monty Knowles, Phone: (+1) 242 424 5492 (Bahamas)

Email:[email protected]



Join me for fun and inspiring, photography and body-painting retreats in spectacular locations around the world. My paintings have received extensive international media attention and praise for their detail and uniqueness.

Come to laugh, learn, create, and explore...and take home new skills, fantastic photographs, and wonderful memories. 

Bring your partners to serve as your models, or hire one of the models on location. 

​You do not have to be an 'artist' to beautifully paint human bodies. All painting is done with a brush and specialty body-paint; there is no airbrushing, templates or stencils.














  • Learn painting techniques that enhance the human form. 

  • Learn basic photography techniques to capture your body-paintings.

  • Create beautiful paintings and photographs in spectacular destinations.

  • Enjoy excursions and activities offered by our gorgeous destinations.

  • Take home dozens of high-resolution digital photographs.


Destinations and Dates:


         May 19 to 23

    Nassau, Bahamas

         November 7 to 11,   

        June 29 to March 3




     Lofoten, Norway

         June 16 to July 20,  




     Sydney, Australia

         Feb 13 to 17,  






   Treasure Cay, Bahamas


     Triple Occupancy                    $850

     Double occupancy                  $980

     Single occupancy                   $1,290



   Nassau, Bahamas


      Triple occupancy                 $1,170

      Double occupancy               $1,430

      Single occupancy                $2,210



   Lofoten, Norway


      Shared Cabin (4 to 8 people)    $720

      Double occupancy (cabin)         $1,100

      Single occupancy  (cabin)         $1,290



   Paris, France


      Double occupancy                   $1,640

      Single occupancy                     $1,940



  Sydney, Australia


      Double occupancy                   $1,290

      Single Occupancy                    $1,550

















  •     Accommodations, including all room taxes, fees and gratuities​​
  •     Instruction and guidance on how to paint, and photograph
  • ​    All paints and supplies
  •     Plaster bandages
  •     Professional photographs of your paintings 
  •     Discounts on many tours, and extended hotel stays
  •       FUN!


Not included:

  •    Airfare
  •    Ground Transportation
  •    Printed photographs
  •    Tours and excursions
  •    Food and drinks


Payment Terms:


Non-refundable deposit to secure a spot: $250


Payment in full: 90 days before the tour commencement date


15% discounts are available for groups of 6 or more participants signing up for the same retreat. Not to be combined with other discounts or offers.



Custom Retreats are available for groups of 10 or more




















Anticipated Daily Schedules:

      Day One: 

Arrive on location, explore the beautiful surroundings, meet the other participants...relax, laugh, and enjoy. 

​      Day Two:

Start the day with an interactive slide show presentation, combined with practical demonstrations to reveal the techniques behind my body-paintings and photographs. Understand our paints, mixing liquids, tips on application, etc.

Whether you are using an advanced SLR, or a mobile device, I will show you how to get great photographs of your paintings as we get outside and enjoy our destination. Your paintings will wash off all too quickly...but the photographs will last forever.

Choose different parts of your partner's body to focus on...hands, arms, legs, faces, torsos...as we explore the forms of our bodies with paint. Photograph the results with your new-found photography skills (I will help).

      Day Three:

Soak in the morning life of our destination, take a tour, explore, enjoy our location. 

At 1:00, we re-group to create our first full-body masterpiece.  

See how body-painting can reveal your inner beauty by enhancing forms, instead of focussing on surface blemishes.

We will allow our laughter, fun, and and creative juices to flow.

Needless to say, we are going out on the town dressed in our paint. If you are shy, don't worry...nobody will recognize you.

Day Four:

Now it is time for our body casts. Pick a body part that will fit in your suitcase and have your partner make a plaster cast...then return the favor. Then we will pull out our acrylic paints to create a 3-D work of art on our plaster casts...and create a souvenir or gift to take home.

Then mid-afternoon we break out the black lights and get ready for the evening Glow Paint exhibition. We will use UV activated paints to make surreal, glow in the dark paintings on ourselves and any innocent bystander in reach (don't worry...they usually line up to be painted). 

Day Five:

Pack your painted casts, secure your digital photographs, and say your goodbyes...or take advantage of our discounted room rates to extend your stay.











​Dress Code:

All models are required to wear bottoms of some kind. Models provided by us may also wear pasties or bras. When in public, pasties are required.




Full refunds (less the deposit) will be given if the retreat is cancelled 90 days or more before the Retreat commencement date. No refunds can be given within 90 days of the Retreat commencement date. 


Please purchase travel insurance to recover your payments in the event of a medical or similar emergency. This company received good reviews: Travelex