Raw-Beauty Photography Sessions


"This is what you do best Monty! Make us ladies look awesome in the true natural essence of who we are ... You're a genius at that."

Paola Alvino, Bahamas


Understand and unveil your inner Raw-Beauty and SEE this beauty in photographs untouched by photoshop. This is primarily a transformational session with beautiful photos resulting as a side benefit.


Photographer and Raw-Beauty coach, Monty Knowles combines photography, yogic relaxation and posture adjustments with positive thinking skills to help you expose your inner beauty...and dramatically change your exterior appearance. 


Clients from around the world testify how powerful, simple adjustments to posture and thoughts drastically alter how others perceive you…and how you perceive yourself.






The session Includes:

  • A private two-hour Raw Beauty photography and coaching session with Monty 
  • Review of photographs
  • 5 high resolution digital photographs 


Cost: from $600


50% payment in full is required to reserve a session. This payment is non-refundable. Sessions may be postponed once if Monty's schedule permits.






Ensure that you are well-rested before the sessions. Avoid heavy drinking and partying the night before and be as healthy as you can be.

Do not wear makeup or stress about getting your hair styled.

Dress comfortably and relaxed.























Frequently Asked Questions about Raw-Beauty Photography Sessions:


Who will see and have access to my photographs?


Only the photographer, you, and the people you designate will see the photographs. You may send or show them to whomever you like. At the end of the session, you will be given a private password to access your photographs.



What should I wear?


You are not coming for a fashion shoot so your clothes will be an accessory to you, not vice versa. Consider bringing a selection of clothes that you will be comfortable in.


You don’t use Photoshop. What about pimples, scars and other things I don’t like?


Pimples and other temporary aberrations are removed during the processing. Scars, wrinkles and other permanent features are not removed but expect to see them differently after the session.


Can I wear makeup?


Makeup is a mask. We are peeling back the layers to discover how beautiful YOU are. So no makeup. 


Can I bring a friend or family member?


Absolutely. But please ensure that they remain discreet during the shoot with absolutely no talking, laughing or interaction.


Is Nudity or Partial Nudity Required?   


Over 18 may be photographed nude or partially nude, HOWEVER nudity or partial nudity is NOT in any way required for Raw Beauty Sessions.


May I have the images in RAW format?


All photographs will be issued in JPEG format.