If you are to sum up who I am today, it would have to embrace the concept of ‘truly happy’. Laughter, joy, contentment and peace define my world. I have diverse passions and interests. Architecture, photography, art, are the most tangibly evident, but making great memories with amazing people is the most important.

For those who would like to know more....

As a child growing up in Nassau, my stated goal in life was to be happy. Of course that entailed the certainty that I would be an astronaut, soldier, or pilot.

My father had me searching for orchids in swamps, catching land crabs, fishing/spearfishing, feeding his snakes, spiders, birds, and other extraordinary pets, extracting honey from his beehives, and exploring other islands. In addition to making great memories, these activities provoked a great appreciation for the natural beauty of the Bahamas.

Barry University’s scholarship allowed this 17 year old island boy to gently ease into South Florida university life, and it was here that I formally pursued photography. Many rewarding nights were spent in the darkrooms printing, dodging and burning to make the ‘perfect’ photograph.

A year later I transferred into the five-year architecture program at University of Miami where I obtained my Bachelors of Architecture. Almost all of my artistic efforts were focused on learning the intricacies and wonders of architecture although my camera was never far away.

My summers were spent working construction, and as a certified scuba instructor with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Bahama Divers. The enjoyment I received from teaching encouraged me to teach on weekends even as I practiced architecture.

When my underwater sharks were disqualified from a competition for the best spring break photos because they were ‘obviously professional’ I considered it more than a compliment.

As an instrument rated pilot and over a thousand pilot hours over the Bahamas, I continue to be awed by the majesty of our beauty.

In 2010 after owning and operating one of the largest architecture firms in the Bahamas, I walked away from the business of architecture to pursue travel, photography, and art. Along the way I collected even more fantastic memories with great friends and acquaintances. More than a million travel miles and two full passports later I have a deep appreciation of the world and the fleeting wonder of life itself.

The birth of my son revealed the true nature of love to me. Combined with a prestigious and lucrative architecture commission from Baha Mar, this understanding precipitated the jettison of huge amounts of ‘thought-garbage.’

Today, when not traveling, I live on a boat in Nassau Harbour with a jet ski as my preferred means of transportation.

Living outside the box, I make and collect great moments. By concentrating on the full enjoyment of each day, I continuously stitch together a fabric of unique memories shared with great friends, family and acquaintances.