Raw-Beauty Sessions




Discover and unveil your raw inner beauty. Spend an intense full day of laughter, joy, peace and discovery capturing this beauty in photographs.


  • Ignite your self awareness and self confidence
  • Learn to expose your inner raw beauty and see it captured in high resolution photographs without photoshop or makeup
  • Experience how simple posture and natural movements dramatically change your appearance
  • See how positive thoughts dramatically improve your physical beauty
  • Identify new beauty in yourself and in others
  • Carry home a collection of digital photographs featuring you in the studio and on location in the stunning Bahamas outdoors.


This is not your standard photo-shoot session. It is an intensive unveiling of your natural beauty from the masks of makeup, negative emotions, and bad posture.


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What‘s included:

  • 30 minute initial consultation in person or on Skype
  • 5 hours of photography therapy in the studio and over lunch 
  • 3 hours of photography in extraordinary outdoor locations
  • 2 hours of photograph review and selection (together)
  • 3 hours of post processing
  • Exercises to teach you how to use positive thoughts, posture and relaxation to make your inner beauty evident on the outside.
  • Guidance on how to relax, stand, move and interact with any camera 
  • Studio, lights and equipment
  • Assistants as needed
  • 8 high quality digital art-photographs with a watermark.
  • 20% off high quality prints, photobooks and other photo products
  • Discounts on future photography or painting sessions
  • Lunch


What’s not included:


Prints and Photo-products. These may be purchased online from my website. Specialty enlargements or prints will printed in Paris, France and delivered to you.





50% is required to reserve this session. Payment in full is required 24 hours prior to the session.


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Proposed Schedule (subject to change to accommodate weather, location and other variables)


Before the session:


30 minute Skype conversation to understand each other and ensure that we can work together effectively. 


On the day of the session:


8:30- 11:00: 

Meet in the studio or designated quiet location to learn posture, relaxation and thought control. We will shoot several hundred photographs during this session although few may be ones we want to keep.



Break and relaxation. Read a book or listen to music. Stay away from emails, phone calls and other outside intrusions.


11:30 to 1:00: 

More photographs and learning. You will start to see the results of lessons learned during the morning session.


1:00 to 2:00: 

Lunch and discussions about the masks, filters and beauty-blocks that surface during the first two sessions.


2:00 to 2:30: 

Break and relaxation. Read a book or listen to music. Stay away from emails, phone calls and other outside intrusions. 


2:30 to 3:00: 

Travel to an interesting outdoor location


3:00 to 5:30: 

Photography in an outdoor location (this time may be adjusted to allow photography at sunset).


8:00 to 10:00:

Photograph review and selection. We will review a selection of photographs that have been pre-selected by me and see first hand how controlling your posture and thoughts dramatically affect your physical appearance. You will select 8 photographs for further development. 


After the session:


Expect the completed photographs to be delivered to you within 72 hours by email. These photographs will have my watermark on them and will be licensed for use on social media websites. Prints and other products to display your images may be ordered online from my website. Special order prints will be agreed at the time of ordering.





Ensure that you are well-rested the before the shoot. Avoid heavy drinking and partying the night before and be as healthy as you can be. Don't try to be perfect.


Do not wear makeup or stress about getting your hair styled and coiffed.


Dress comfortably and relaxed. Bring high heels or ‘power’ clothes in bags if you think you might want them to be used as accessories. Remember that the session is about you, not your clothes, so expect to have few if any clothing changes.


Relax. We are going to have fun.



Changes and Cancellations:


These are specialized sessions that are extremely limited in number. 


Cancellations are permitted 30 days before the session for a full refund less 5% bank and exchange fees.


Cancellations 29 days or less before the session will be treated as postponements. The deposit amount will be applied to a future session. Constraints imposed by the client's schedule will be taken into consideration for the re-scheduling. Failure to meet the client's constraints will not be grounds for refunds.


Only one cancellation is permitted. Two cancellations will result in forfeiture of the deposit.



Miscellaneous Notes and Conditions:


By accepting this session, you agree to not alter your photographs in any way including cropping when printing or posting online. Cropping is permitted for photo-products as required.


The photographer retains the copyright for all images. However no images will be displayed or used in any way by the photographer without prior approval in writing from the client.


Photographs will be processed to appear correctly on prints obtained from my website and the print lab in France. Their appearance will vary on different video screens and other printed media.





Who will see and have access to my photographs?


Only the photographer, you, and the people you designate will have access to the photographs. You may send or show them to whomever you like once you download them. My website is hosted by Zenfolio, a website known for its photography security. At the end of the session, you will be given a private pin to access, download, or print your photographs from this site.


Upon request, all copies of the photographs will be deleted from the encrypted hard drive and website storage. 


What should I wear?


Wear loose, comfortable clothing that does not constrict or cause indentations in your skin. You are not coming for a fashion shoot so your clothes will be an accessory to you, not vice versa


You don’t used Photoshop. What about pimples, scars and other things I don’t like?


Pimples and other temporary aberrations are removed during the development process. Scars, wrinkles and other permanent items are not removed but expect to see them differently after the session.


Can I wear makeup?


Makeup is a mask designed to hide the real you. We are peeling back the layers to discover how beautiful YOU are. So no makeup. Light mascara may be used as it enhances the eyes but does not hide anything. Special cases can be reviewed during our initial Skype interview.


Can I bring a friend or family member?


Absolutely. But please let them bring a book or similar entertainment as they will not be present with us in the same space until the afternoon shoot. Clients under 18 are an exception. They are required to have a parent present at all times in a discreet location where they are not a distraction.


Is Nudity or Partial Nudity Permitted?


Over 18 may be photographed nude or partially nude if the location permits. Many of our outdoor photography sites offer beautiful scenery and appropriate privacy.


What if I like more than 8 photographs?


Additional photographs may be purchased for a fee of $75 each. These photographs will be delivered in digital format and may be printed or used on other photo-products from my website at posted prices. 

May I have the images in Camera RAW format?


No. You will be presented with finished, high-resolution art photographs in JPEG format.