MK Raw-Beauty Talks

The power of reflected inner beauty




Join Photographer and coach, Monty Knowles for an eye-opening exploration of how we can physically become more beautiful by adjusting our thinking and posture. 






After more that 30 years studying and photographing beauty, Monty understands that beauty does not result from makeup or photoshop artists. Raw Beauty, the most powerful expression of beauty, is the reflection of our positive thoughts and emotions onto our faces and bodies.  


His highly visual, and interactive presentation turns much of what we think we know about beauty...upside down.


Expect new understandings of:

  • Simple steps to being more beautiful

  • What stops you from being beautiful

  • Powerful benefits of Raw Beauty 



Raw Beauty Video




 "If we were to play the word association game and you said to me "Monty," I would reply, "Magic."

Hayley Merchant - United States


"I was able to learn what it meant to be and feel like a beautiful, established, confident woman"

Adeline Forbes - USA


"...when I met Monty it was a meeting that totally changed my life!"

Mona Hagen - Norway


"I had a unique and life changing positive experience with Monty Knowles in the Bahamas"

Shannon Kringen - USA


"I strongly recommend that every woman have an experience like this at least once in her life"

Angela Christine - USA


"He has a talent in making you feel comfortable, safe and beautiful."

Kristin Pedersen - Norway


"I stand taller, feel more confident....and most importantly I don't care what anyone else thinks because I know I'm beautiful"

Madison Moore _ Canada - 13 years old

"I truly believe that any teenage girl, with all the pressures of today's society to look and act a certain way could definitely benefit from a photo shoot such as this one with Monty"

Madison's Mother, Karen Brochu  - Canada


"I will bring my one and only daughter to the next photo shoot! I have been approached by many professional photographers that have offered to take her photograph~ but the only one thus far that will have that "job" is Mr. Monty Knowles! "

Suzi Wong - Bahamas


"Når jeg fikk se et av de første bildene etter fotograferingen måtte jeg spørre om det virkelig var meg på bildet, det var helt fantastisk, alle fargene, øynene og alt var bare utrolig vakkert, og det kaller jeg kunst fra fotografen!"

"When I saw one of the first photos from the shoot, I had to ask myself if that was really me on the photos. It was absolutely amazing. All the colors, eyes, everything was stunningly beautiful. This was what I call art from the photographer.

Cathrine Elise Gundersen - Norway


"Les séances photo avec Monty relèvent d'une excellente thérapie en Estime de Soi."

"Photo shoots with Monty are just exquisite : more than an Art, it was for me, a therapy. I have learnt to discover my real face through Monty's lens. All the beauty that can arise while all (mis)judgements and (mis)beliefs are set aside. An experience I shall highly recommend, especially to any shy or introvert person. It is THE trip leading to oneself's full discovery!"

Nirina - France


"This is what you do best Monty! Make us ladies look awesome in the true natural essence of who we are ... You're a genius at that actually."

Paola Alvino _Bahamas